What the Miami Marlins Need to Improve in 2017

The 2016 season was undoubtedly a tough season for the Miami Marlins. With Dee Gordon being away for 80 games, the team got Derek Dietrich who practically saved the day for the Marlins. Adam Conley also made a great difference coming in and bringing back great pitching for the team. But as soon as Giancarlo had an injury, the team’s pitching went bad causing the team to crumble and fall apart. The team’s season began with aspirations for playoffs and well played stretches to a point where the Wild Card berth seemed like a dream.

Although the Miami Marlins showed some good signs in the 2016 season, the ending was just plain bad for the team as they missed the playoffs one more time. But this might be a sign for the team to re-group and think of ways to sharpen up their tactics to be able to compete in the very competitive and ever improving National League East. Vegas doesn’t love their odds of winning it all though.  Currently they are listed at 66-to-1 to win the World Series.  Here are a few tips on what the Miami Marlins need to consider doing in the 2017 season to make it to the postseason.

1. Getting a new starting pitcher

The team faces a very limited amount of outstanding talent in its pitching rotation this coming season, even more so with the unfortunate and tragic death of their ace Jose Fernandez. The Miami Marlins must have known they needed to strongly improve their starting rotation for them to enhance their competitive edge in the 2017 season but without Jose, the pressure is more intense. Moreover, Chen the number –two starter did not prove much greatness in pitching last season with a 4.96 ERA and a record of 5-5. Even with his consistency and solid talent, Koehler has a lot to improve for the 2017 season to be merely considered even for the back-end rotation since he is overmatched as a number two. The team’s number 3 pitcher Conley actually fits well in the number three pitching and seems to have a promising future.

Nicolino and Urena on the other hand were not so effective in the 2016 season and it would be wise for the team to find rotations for the two. Urena’s 6.13 ERA ending make him ineffective for the coming season while Nicolino does not seem to have the required control to actually be a good no-strikeout pitcher. The team shouldn’t expect much from these two in the coming season. It would therefore be effective and necessary for the Marlins to simply trade for or sign two new starting pitchers who are the front-of-the-rotation type if not ace in order to come up with a competitive team for a chance to succeed in the 2017 season.

2. A new shortstop

The team’s shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria is definitely a great player in the infields. However, his playing skills end at ‘good’ rather than ‘outstanding’. He played 2015 well but went back to a terrible offense in 2016 which rendered him the worst offensive player in baseball. His defense was very good but not good enough to place his .236/.283/.311 anywhere near acceptable for the team. This should be a red flag for the Marlins to show them they need a new shortstop. With the four seasons they have been with Adeiny, he has only performed above average in one of them. ‘Hech’ is a fun shortstop to watch, but the team seriously needs to upgrade from the worst hitter last season and worst overall baseball player in 2013 because he costs the team a lot to go on getting a pass.

3. Player’s health and safety measures

One of the team’s best player’s Giancarlo Stanton has been on and off the field throughout his career juggling playing at his best and nursing injuries obtained in the field. Giancarlo, who is the team’s right fielder, is an amazing player who is described as a monster in the field from the way he hits the baseballs hard and his solid defense. However, the team has had difficulty keeping him fully on the field which is quite concerning. Although some of Giancarlo’s injuries have been unavoidable like the fastball-to –the-face, others have just been random lack of precaution. The team needs to rethink its strategies in coming up with safety measures and injury avoidance tips to help keep their best player in the field in order to make a solid team in the coming season. If they know that some of the injuries are unavoidable, they need to refine tactics on how to have their best player set a career high in the games such players play. This is necessary for the team if they expect to make any noises in the 2017 National League East.

Best Miami Dolphins Players of All-Time

Best Dolphins Ever

When it comes to the history of the Miami Dolphins, there are many names that come to mind. These are names that are legends not only for the Dolphins, but in the history of the National Football League. It can be difficult to put them in order or rank them, but I’m going to give special attention a few Dolphins that stand the test of time and have made a really positive impact on the franchise with their work on and off the field. The great thing is there is more to come from Miami, and there are more historic players that can arise in the future.

One cannot forget about the 1972 Dolphins that went 17-0, a record that still has not been broken to this day and probably never will be. Let’s start by talking about a few players from that team as no list would be complete without a few of those legends.

Mike Kolen: We all know the rules have changed in the current NFL, so you can’t hit people like you used to, but back when football was football, Mike Kolen was a feared defender. His nickname was Captain Crunch, which tells you all you need to know about how he played and the kind of hits he put on the opposition. When you can strike that kind of fear in the opposition, you have already won before the game even started as you are in their head. He played for the Miami Dolphins from 1970-1975 and then in 1977 again. Those hits are still ringing in the ears of the opposing team.

Paul Warfield: We all know that you need to also stretch the field in order to win football games. You need to be able to have a receiver that can strike fear in the opposition. He was an important part of those teams in the 70’s. As the old adage goes, speed kills, and he had plenty of it, as he amassed 156 passes for 3,355 yards and 35 touchdowns in his career playing for Miami Dolphins.

Larry Little: He might have had the last name of Little, but there was nothing little about the way he played on the football field at right guard. Oftentimes, offensive linemen don’t get enough credit for how they help stop pass rushers and also how they help the run game. They do all of the grunt work and oftentimes get overlooked and ignored. When it comes to the history of the Dolphins, his hard work, team-first attitude will never be forgotten.

Moving onto other players …

Zach Thomas: You would be hard pressed to find anyone that was tougher or played the game during his heyday with more passion than Zach Thomas. As an inside linebacker, he put up stats that are truly and utterly mind-blowing, such as 1,041 tackles, 17 interceptions and four touchdowns. When you were the quarterback playing against him, you always had to know where he was on the field.

Finally, no Miami Dolphins list is complete without the greatest Dolphin of all and perhaps the greatest pure passer of all-time: Dan Marino

People love to talk about how he never won a Super Bowl, but as we all know, football is the ultimate team game and you win as a team and you lose a team. Marino had one of the prettiest throwing motions in football and he had a way of making magic happen on the field. You have to remember that he played in an era where the QB’s weren’t as protected as they are now. Imagine how great his stats would have been had he played in today’s game. However, during his day, his stats speak for themselves: 61,361 yards and 420 TD’s.

I know I’m leaving a ton of Dolphins off the list, but these are the names that stick with me and stand out when I think of the Miami Dolphins and their great history.

Best Miami Football Players of All Time

Best Miami Football Players

The University of Miami football team, popularly known as the Hurricanes, is a team with a rich history in football. I believe that it puts its mark in history by producing some of the most entertaining games especially in the last three decades both offensively and defensively. There were dozens of players that I believe are responsible for making this team so great, but some of them stood out above the rest.

Steve Walsh

Playing as a quarterback in the year 1987, Walsh was able to throw massive 2,249 yards with only seven interceptions to his twenty touchdowns. This fantastic year is what led to his record breaking 5,364 yards and 49 touchdowns in his two-year stint at the school. It is this performance that resulted in the Hurricanes winning their second national title and blew me away enough to include him on this list.

Ken Dorsey

Dorsey makes my list for his achievements his junior year. He threw for 2,652 yards and 23 touchdowns. He was also able to grab an MVP title when Hurricanes played against Nebraska in the national title game. In this particular contest, he threw for three touchdowns on 22-of-35 passing and 362 yards. His statistics as a Hurricane quarterback are 86 touchdowns and 9,565 passing yards.

Clinton Portis

Portis makes my cut of the top ten for having helped make the 2001 squad one of the best in history and going down as the second leading rusher in the school’s history. On 220 attempts he was able to rush 1200 yards and scored ten touchdowns.

Bernie Kosar

He did not break records, but in my opinion it was his drive to win and game managing as quarterback that was of value. He led the team to their first ever national championship in 1983. This win formed the foundation of the rich history of the Hurricanes.

Warren Sapp

Playing as a defensive tackle, he was able to amaze me by leading the defense of the 1994 Hurricanes team with stats of 84 tackles, two fumbles recovered, and two fumbles caused. These stats helped him bag several awards which include the Lombardi Trophy, Big East defensive player of the year and Bill Willis award.

Edgerrin James

I believe James is the best running back to have ever played for the Hurricanes with his incredible speed giving him the ability to break tackles and run through the smallest of gaps. He was able to run 1416 yards scoring 17 touchdowns on 242 carries.

Ray Lewis

Though small in size for a linebacker, Lewis beat odds and claimed the fifth rank in all-time tackles despite playing for only three years and for that he makes my list. In his final year, he also scored a touchdown and tackled 156 opposing players.

Ed Reed

Reed played for the Hurricanes for four years compiling stats that I fear might forever remain unbroken. In the year 2001, he was able to intercept 9 passes and return them for 209 yards.  He finished his college career having returned a total of five picks for touchdowns and had 21 interceptions overall.

Jerome Brown

He is another player who did not rack up in stats, but his attitude is what impressed all in my opinion. He is credited with being the motivation behind the fire that the Hurricanes played their game with thanks to the bad boy image he gave the team that received criticism which the team took positively. He led the 1987 team defensively to win the national title.

Michael Irvin

By all means he is perhaps the best receiver of all time. Although his total yards record was later broken, he was able to rack up 2,423 yards, 26 touchdown receptions and grab 149 career catches. His love for the game helped the team rack up significant statistics offensively.

All-Time Marlins Team

Best Miami Marlins

The Florida Marlins came into existence back in 1991. The team has since then participated in the National League and has had both the highs of World Series titles and the lows of terrible seasons.  It took a few years for the organization to find it’s feet, but in 1997 they achieved their first World Series championship.  Here we are going to go over the list of best players I’ve ever seen suit up for the team.

Kevin Brown

Kevin was a six-time All Star who joined the Florida Marlins in 1995. He was a top notch starting pitcher and he had a great impact on the team in 1997.   He ensured that the Marlins had numerous great seasons and minimal losing. As the pitcher, he picked up a lot of strikeouts and an impressive record.   The National League Championship back in 1997 he was simply dominant.

Mike Piazza

Mike left the Marlins in 1998 after only a short time, but he was one of the best players for the team. After the team won the World Series in 1997 management destroyed the roster.  The fans were pissed because they lost some of their best players.  Everything went wrong for the Marlins back then. Despite being traded, he accomplished a lot in a short time period for the team.

Miguel Cabrera

Cabrera was a hit with the Marlins; he joined the team back in 1999 as a very young kid. He is ranked as one of the best players because he helped them win a World Series title, and was one of their first farm products that turned out to be a hit. His position as a power hitter who also hits for a high average leaves him as one of the absolute best players of his generation.  Sure, he has moved on to the Detroit Tigers, but you can never forget his early years when he played several positions for the Marlins and was probably the best hitter in the game.

Giancarlo Stanton

This is one of the best power hitters to have ever played the game.  He has more power than anyone else that has came through the organization.  So, he hasn’t had a lot of success in winning yet, but he has put up some impressive numbers and has filled the stands with fans.

Hanley Ramirez

Ramirez is one of the best players I ever witnessed with the Miami Marlins. He came on strong as a shortstop but has also played some third base.  He has since moved on, but he’s the all-time leader in wins above replacement player while suiting up for this team.

Cliff Floyd

Floyd has a great impact on the history of the Miami Marlins. As a great outfield player and a well-designated defender, he was a fearsome batter from the left side of the plate. Batting and fielding are some of his major successes. His scoring position and power of defense at the Marlins make him deserve the position as one of the best.

2016 Miami Hurricane Football Predictions

2016 Miami Football Predictions

The Miami Hurricanes have been a good football team in years passed, but they haven’t been quite as strong the last few years.  But, they’ve made a lot of changes to get back on track. With this article we provide some predictions on whether we think they will be able to do that.

Vegas says yes.  They are the favorites to win the Coastal Division.  Here are some predictions by experts about the Miami Hurricane football season for 2016 and how the team is expected to do.

For the 2016 season Mark Richt is taking over this team with the hopes to get them back on track. He is coming into a team with a great quarterback in Brad Raaya but many are still wondering if this will be enough to win the ACC title.

Even the coach will admit that the offensive lines needs a little bit of work. The team needs to find a way to keep their quarterback protected. Kaaya has finished in the top three in the ACC for yards in a game last year. He has thrown fewer interceptions and has a high passing rater.

Richt is expected to call and develop some new plays. Joe Yeaby is a good running back but he may not start. Mark Walton may take this place in the first couple of games. Stacy Coley is a receiver that decided to pass up on entering the NFL and go back to school. He still wants to work on his skills and is doing so with the help of David Njoku who is a rising star in the college scene. The offensive line is not as reliable as it should be. The team has trouble last year and allowed more sacks then they should have.

Manny Diaz transfer to Miami from Mississippi State and is set to be on the defensive line for the 2016 season. There are some other ends that are said to be well in the upcoming season. Chad Thomas and Al Qaudin Muhammad are said to be NFL prospects that are returning to the team. There are some defensive ends that are ready to tackle as well. Linebacker Jermaine Grace is fast on his feet and had 79 tackles last season. The team is hoping that Darrion Owens will be returning from a knee injury and the rest of the team is getting in shape and getting ready for some action.

Corn Elder was one of the best players last season. He is set to return to the team and many are hoping that he has another great season. Richt had three good seasons as the assistance coach at Florida State and will return to his hometown of Miami with hopes of bringing the Hurricanes to victory. He has a lot of talent to work with and is hoping to top the ACC conference with this lineup.