2016 Miami Football Predictions

The Miami Hurricanes have been a good football team in years passed, but they haven’t been quite as strong the last few years.  But, they’ve made a lot of changes to get back on track. With this article we provide some predictions on whether we think they will be able to do that.

Vegas says yes.  They are the favorites to win the Coastal Division.  Here are some predictions by experts about the Miami Hurricane football season for 2016 and how the team is expected to do.

For the 2016 season Mark Richt is taking over this team with the hopes to get them back on track. He is coming into a team with a great quarterback in Brad Raaya but many are still wondering if this will be enough to win the ACC title.

Even the coach will admit that the offensive lines needs a little bit of work. The team needs to find a way to keep their quarterback protected. Kaaya has finished in the top three in the ACC for yards in a game last year. He has thrown fewer interceptions and has a high passing rater.

Richt is expected to call and develop some new plays. Joe Yeaby is a good running back but he may not start. Mark Walton may take this place in the first couple of games. Stacy Coley is a receiver that decided to pass up on entering the NFL and go back to school. He still wants to work on his skills and is doing so with the help of David Njoku who is a rising star in the college scene. The offensive line is not as reliable as it should be. The team has trouble last year and allowed more sacks then they should have.

Manny Diaz transfer to Miami from Mississippi State and is set to be on the defensive line for the 2016 season. There are some other ends that are said to be well in the upcoming season. Chad Thomas and Al Qaudin Muhammad are said to be NFL prospects that are returning to the team. There are some defensive ends that are ready to tackle as well. Linebacker Jermaine Grace is fast on his feet and had 79 tackles last season. The team is hoping that Darrion Owens will be returning from a knee injury and the rest of the team is getting in shape and getting ready for some action.

Corn Elder was one of the best players last season. He is set to return to the team and many are hoping that he has another great season. Richt had three good seasons as the assistance coach at Florida State and will return to his hometown of Miami with hopes of bringing the Hurricanes to victory. He has a lot of talent to work with and is hoping to top the ACC conference with this lineup.

2016 Miami Hurricane Football Predictions