Best Miami Football Players

The University of Miami football team, popularly known as the Hurricanes, is a team with a rich history in football. I believe that it puts its mark in history by producing some of the most entertaining games especially in the last three decades both offensively and defensively. There were dozens of players that I believe are responsible for making this team so great, but some of them stood out above the rest.

Steve Walsh

Playing as a quarterback in the year 1987, Walsh was able to throw massive 2,249 yards with only seven interceptions to his twenty touchdowns. This fantastic year is what led to his record breaking 5,364 yards and 49 touchdowns in his two-year stint at the school. It is this performance that resulted in the Hurricanes winning their second national title and blew me away enough to include him on this list.

Ken Dorsey

Dorsey makes my list for his achievements his junior year. He threw for 2,652 yards and 23 touchdowns. He was also able to grab an MVP title when Hurricanes played against Nebraska in the national title game. In this particular contest, he threw for three touchdowns on 22-of-35 passing and 362 yards. His statistics as a Hurricane quarterback are 86 touchdowns and 9,565 passing yards.

Clinton Portis

Portis makes my cut of the top ten for having helped make the 2001 squad one of the best in history and going down as the second leading rusher in the school’s history. On 220 attempts he was able to rush 1200 yards and scored ten touchdowns.

Bernie Kosar

He did not break records, but in my opinion it was his drive to win and game managing as quarterback that was of value. He led the team to their first ever national championship in 1983. This win formed the foundation of the rich history of the Hurricanes.

Warren Sapp

Playing as a defensive tackle, he was able to amaze me by leading the defense of the 1994 Hurricanes team with stats of 84 tackles, two fumbles recovered, and two fumbles caused. These stats helped him bag several awards which include the Lombardi Trophy, Big East defensive player of the year and Bill Willis award.

Edgerrin James

I believe James is the best running back to have ever played for the Hurricanes with his incredible speed giving him the ability to break tackles and run through the smallest of gaps. He was able to run 1416 yards scoring 17 touchdowns on 242 carries.

Ray Lewis

Though small in size for a linebacker, Lewis beat odds and claimed the fifth rank in all-time tackles despite playing for only three years and for that he makes my list. In his final year, he also scored a touchdown and tackled 156 opposing players.

Ed Reed

Reed played for the Hurricanes for four years compiling stats that I fear might forever remain unbroken. In the year 2001, he was able to intercept 9 passes and return them for 209 yards.  He finished his college career having returned a total of five picks for touchdowns and had 21 interceptions overall.

Jerome Brown

He is another player who did not rack up in stats, but his attitude is what impressed all in my opinion. He is credited with being the motivation behind the fire that the Hurricanes played their game with thanks to the bad boy image he gave the team that received criticism which the team took positively. He led the 1987 team defensively to win the national title.

Michael Irvin

By all means he is perhaps the best receiver of all time. Although his total yards record was later broken, he was able to rack up 2,423 yards, 26 touchdown receptions and grab 149 career catches. His love for the game helped the team rack up significant statistics offensively.

Best Miami Football Players of All Time