Hello everyone!

I’m Nick and this is my site, Nichols Marine.  Please use the form above to contact me with whatever you need.  I love questions about Miami sports and your feedback will only help both the site and myself improve.

I created this blog because I love Miami sports and wanted to have a place to write about my passion.  I moved to Southeast Florida nearly 20 years ago and have been following all of the local teams ever since.  Here are my thoughts on all of the teams right now.


This is a team that has had some ups and some downs.  But, I really like the direction this team is heading in.  It was a big loss this year when Jose Fernandez was tragically killed in a boating accident.  He was going to be a tremendous star for this year for years to come.  It’s a shame it had to end prematurely.

Hurricane Football

Mark Richt is a coach that I really like and I think if we give him some time he’s going to do some great things for this program.  He didn’t really get a very good start on recruiting this year, so I wasn’t expecting much but he went out and did better than I thought he would.  The next couple of years are going to be a big indicator if the U is back where it needs to be.


Is Ryan Tannehill a quarterback that can take us into the playoffs and beyond?  That’s the big question.  Miami was a dominant team for so long it’s disappointing that we have been stuck in the shadow of the New England Patriots for so long.  My thoughts are this team is on the right track and with Brady getting up there in years, the Pats can’t hang on to the AFC East forever.


How good were the Big Three years?  Now the team has been dismantled and is in rebuilding mode, but I don’t regret a thing.  LeBron really helped to make this a basketball city.  Dwyane Wade might have moved on to Chicago but I’ll never see him as anything other than a Heat legend.  Chris Bosh is another tragedy. It’s too bad his career has been cut short as he was a nice big man.

Hurricane Hoops

This is the team that I follow the least in the area, but they have been impressive the last few seasons.  It’s not easy competing in the ACC with the big boys like Duke and North Carolina, and yet our boys have done just that.