Best Miami Marlins

The Florida Marlins came into existence back in 1991. The team has since then participated in the National League and has had both the highs of World Series titles and the lows of terrible seasons.  It took a few years for the organization to find it’s feet, but in 1997 they achieved their first World Series championship.  Here we are going to go over the list of best players I’ve ever seen suit up for the team.

Kevin Brown

Kevin was a six-time All Star who joined the Florida Marlins in 1995. He was a top notch starting pitcher and he had a great impact on the team in 1997.   He ensured that the Marlins had numerous great seasons and minimal losing. As the pitcher, he picked up a lot of strikeouts and an impressive record.   The National League Championship back in 1997 he was simply dominant.

Mike Piazza

Mike left the Marlins in 1998 after only a short time, but he was one of the best players for the team. After the team won the World Series in 1997 management destroyed the roster.  The fans were pissed because they lost some of their best players.  Everything went wrong for the Marlins back then. Despite being traded, he accomplished a lot in a short time period for the team.

Miguel Cabrera

Cabrera was a hit with the Marlins; he joined the team back in 1999 as a very young kid. He is ranked as one of the best players because he helped them win a World Series title, and was one of their first farm products that turned out to be a hit. His position as a power hitter who also hits for a high average leaves him as one of the absolute best players of his generation.  Sure, he has moved on to the Detroit Tigers, but you can never forget his early years when he played several positions for the Marlins and was probably the best hitter in the game.

Giancarlo Stanton

This is one of the best power hitters to have ever played the game.  He has more power than anyone else that has came through the organization.  So, he hasn’t had a lot of success in winning yet, but he has put up some impressive numbers and has filled the stands with fans.

Hanley Ramirez

Ramirez is one of the best players I ever witnessed with the Miami Marlins. He came on strong as a shortstop but has also played some third base.  He has since moved on, but he’s the all-time leader in wins above replacement player while suiting up for this team.

Cliff Floyd

Floyd has a great impact on the history of the Miami Marlins. As a great outfield player and a well-designated defender, he was a fearsome batter from the left side of the plate. Batting and fielding are some of his major successes. His scoring position and power of defense at the Marlins make him deserve the position as one of the best.

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